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I never wanted to be a teacher. Ever. I wanted to build sand castles and create colorful sidewalk chalk art.

Sandcastles and chalk art didn’t seem a productive way to pay my bills, so I started working as a hostess at a local restaurant while in college. I had no idea what I would do with my English Literature degree from Baylor.

I accidentally fell into my first teaching job which was training bartenders and servers at the Olive Garden. After, I earned my teaching credentials, I taught elementary students and adults in K-12 learning environments.

Earning my masters degree in learning technologies from Pepperdine in 2000, transformed my theories about learning and introduced me to collaborative technologies. I started learning instructional design, presentation and technical proficiencies that I have blended together into a career of designing instructional experiences and deliverables in a wide variety of settings.

Throughout my career, I have taught students from age 3 to adult. I have conducted face-to-face trainings, webinars, conference calls and videoconferences. I have led small teams and managed projects with constituents from diverse backgrounds.I have designed print and web marketing and learning materials.

Designing effective learning experiences using a variety of tools and settings is my passion. I love to teach people how to effectively use visual collaboration technologies to improve the quality of their work and become more efficient.

My strengths are connection, learning, collaboration, and vision. Literally, I took a test and that is what it said. Also, I am an incessant doodler. Professionally, I call it “infodoodling” or “sketchnoting” or “making learning visible”. Bottom line, I can draw to make sense of complicated concepts or processes.

Connectivist Leader
I enjoy the process of connecting passionate people with tasks and causes. One of my strengths is creating connected teams. Margaret Mead’s quote sums sums up my philosophy best, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Learning Strategist
I understand all versions of modern technologies. I am most fascinated by the technologies that we can use to connect and collaborate. It is important to be able to select the correct tool based on the desired outcomes and expectations. Business and educational relationships can be strengthened by face-to-face video connections. I have worked with distributed teams on collaborative trainings and higher education projects that could never have been done face to face.

Strategic Problem-Solver
I am a creative problem solver who thrives in a flexible environment with minimal supervision. I can figure out what the questions are that need to be answered to get the intended results on projects and with teams.

Training and Talent Development Specialist
I can teach and present in face to face, online, and video conference environments selecting the best technologies to use based on the end users and content being learned. I can help your professors, managers, teachers, or consultants become fluent and comfortable with intimidating or confusing technologies and social media.

I am currently a member progressive, high performing team whose mission it is to make the world better through integrated AV and video conferencing solutions. And, I get to build sandcastles every summer!

My Key Skills

  • team facilitation and leadership
  • process improvement
  • instructional design
  • graphic design
  • able to translate jargon into Plain English
  • sketchnoting and infodoodling
  • sandcastle building

Email me at

Twitter @roxanneglaser